Never underestimate the power of prayer in all situations.

All Nations staff and students are brought together, nurtured and maintained by our prayer partners across the world.

Prayer is such an important part of our work. We would ask that you remember us daily in your prayers, and if you are someone who does pray for us, please be assured that you are greatly valued and KEEP ON PRAYING because as we develop and grow so the needs increase.


Our latest praise and prayer points:

It is the summer holiday season here at All Nations. We are so thankful to God for another successful completion of an academic year. Students have made many great, new friends, and have grown in their faith and studies.

We thank God for all the students who have completed their studies and are now enjoying a time of rest. Please pray for them as they step into ministry. Some will be spending this time listening to what God has for them next as they search, pray and wait for God to guide them. Please pray for faith during this transitional time.

It is a great joy to know that many of our current students are currently away on their block placements, severing different communities around the world during this summer period. Recent prayer requests from these students have been for energy, safety, and God's wisdom as they navigate their way around their new environments. We ask that God will use each student as a vessel to pour out his love as they minister in social projects, prisons, deliver medical care or work with vulnerable youths.‬

The students are away but All Nations remains lively as we host an array of different conferences, large and small. We are thankful to God that we are fully booked, and pray for energy for all the staff who continue to work so hard here. 

Please pray that all; be they students, staff or people enjoying conferences, will have a great time of rest and refreshment this summer! 

Thank you.

Posted July 2016.

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