We are grateful to those who stand alongside us in prayer and praise. There are always testimonies of God's faithfulness around College and there are often points for prayer too, as we seek to walk in His Way.


The 2020-21 academic year has begun really well for All Nations, thanks to the King of Kings and the hard work of staff, setting up a 'hybrid' engagement of tutor groups, lectures, classes, community groups, services etc. A number of staff and students are working and studying flexibly, which means it works well whether they are on site or online. We have students from 26 nations, and 27 children and teenagers on site. The pandemic has caused us to run the site differently, but we thank God that so far all are well, children are going to school, physical distancing and keeping a clean site is working well. Around the lunch table today we were chatting about the positives of being able to BE together, what a joy that is!


While the year has begun well and we have full classes in En Route, Level 5 and Masters, Level 4 and 6 are smaller. A number of returning and new students decided at the last minute to defer or delay courses due to the virus. We hope they will rejoin either this year or from September. We have space for people to join classes during the year, either via Zoom or in person, and we pray for new students in January and April too. The pandemic has hit us hard financially, with no conferences income. We have needed to increase our IT support capacity, in terms of staff and equipment. This costs a huge amount of money, and we need additional students and financial investment to make necessary upgrades. Please pray about this and be on the look-out for our autumn appeal. Please spread the word and support however you can. Thank you!


With ideas from Redcliffe College helping us develop new courses, there is an idea to set up a Centre for World Christianity. Please pray we hear the Lord's leading, step out on ventures we should engage in, and know when to say no or stop doing certain things. We have rapidly changed in many ways, but you know what is special and significant about All Nations. Our heart remains strong, our hands are keen to be useful in all that is important and our heads are always being stretched! We long to be true to our heritage of being a blessing in the church and to the world, as well as being entrepreneurial and confident as we build outwards from this intercultural community that is passionate about God's mission!

Thank you so much for praying for us, we need you, love you and miss you

In the Name of Jesus


October 2020

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