Present Staff

Mark Galpin

Galpin, Mark - Greenlee, David - Bendor-Samuel Paul Undivided Witness. Oxford: Regnum, 2020.  buy now




David Baker

Baker, David L. Tight Fists or Open Hands? Wealth and Poverty in Old Testament Law. Grand Rapids, Michigan: Eerdmans, 2009. buy now




Baker, David L. Two Testaments, One Bible: The Theological Relationship between the Old and New Testaments. 3rd edn. Nottingham: Apollos, 2010. buy now 




Baker, David L. The Decalogue: Living as the People of God. Downers Grove, Illinois: IVP Academic, 2017. buy now





Baker, David L. Getting to Grips with Biblical Hebrew: An Introductory Textbook. Carlisle: Langham Global Library, 2020. buy now





Jill Ford

Ford, Jill. How to Create an Arts Curriculum: Creative Arts in Mission Training at All Nations Christian College in Krabill, James R., ed, Frank Fortunato, ed, Robin P. Harris, ed, and Brian Schrag, ed. Worship and Mission for the Global Church: An Ethnodoxology Handbook. Pasadena CA: William Carey Library, 2013. buy now




VJ Samkutty

Samkutty, Vanmelitharayil. The Samaritan Mission in Acts. London: T&T Clark, 2006. buy now





Visiting Lecturers and Associated Staff


Warren Beattie

Beattie, W.R. (ed.). Ministry across Cultures: Sharing the Christian Faith in Asia. Oxford: Regnum, 2016. buy now




Beattie, W.R. (ed.). “The Discipleship Training Centre’s Approach to Theological Education in the Light of Recent Trends” in To be With Him and To Be Sent Out: Essays Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Discipleship Training Centre edited by George Capaque, pp.31 – 39. Singapore: Graceworks, 2018.

Beattie, W.R. “A Truly Missional Church – from Church-centred Mission to Kingdom-centred  Mission.”  In Church and Mission: Foundations and Global Case Studies edited by Bertil Ekstrom and Rose Dowsett, p. 119 – 124. Pasadena, CA: William Carey Library, 2016. buy now



Beattie, Warren. Learning Lessons from an Asian Church Leader: Reflections on Hwa Young’s Theology of Mission in Dowsett, Rose, ed. Global Mission: Reflections and Case Studies in Contextualization for the Whole Church. Pasadena Calif.: William Carey Library, 2011. buy now



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Paul Davies


Davies, Paul. Faith Seeking Effectiveness: The Missionary Theology of Jose Miguez Bonino. Zoetermeer: Boekencentrum, 2006. view here






Wilma Davies

Davies, Wilma Wells. The Embattled but Empowered Community: Comparing Understandings of Spiritual Power in Argentine Popular and Pentecostal Cosmologies. Leiden: Brill, 2010. buy now





Carol Walker

 “Not Under Lore: Reviewing Assumptions that Shape Christian Training Related to Witness to Muslims” in Contextualisation and Mission Training – Engaging Asia’s Religious Worlds edited by Jonathan Ingleby, Tan Kang San and Tan Loun Ling. Oxford: Regnum, 2013. 




Stroma Beattie

Emerging Member Care in the Singapore Context” in Missions Matrix Navigating 21st century Missiological Matters, edited by Florence Tan. Singapore: Singapore Bible College, 2007.




Candidate Selection and Medical Matters” pp. 85 – 88 & “OMF’s Medical Advisory Service – A Model for Medical Member Care” pp. 193 – 195. In Worth Keeping: Global Perpectives on Best Practice in Missionary Retention, edited by Rob Hay et al. (Globalization of Mission Series). Pasadena, CA: William Carey Library, 2007. buy now 




Colin Chapman

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Chapman, Colin. Whose Promised Land? The Continuing Crisis over Israel and Palestine. Oxford: Lion Publishing, 2002. buy now 





Martin Goldsmith

Goldsmith, Martin. Life’s Tapestry: Reflections and Insights from my Life. Carlisle: OM Publishing, 1997. buy now






Goldsmith, Martin. Good News for All Nations: Mission at the Heart of the New Testament. London: Hodder & Stoughton, 2002. buy now 





Goldsmith, Martin. What About other Faiths? Is Jesus Christ the Only Way to God?. London: Hodder & Stoughton, 2008. buy now 





Goldsmith, Martin. Storytelling: Sharing the Gospel with Passion and Power. Nottingham: InterVarsity Press, 2014. buy now






David Harley

Harley, David. Missionary Training: The History of All Nations Christian College and its Predecessors (1911-1981). Zoetermeer: Boekencentrum, 2000. buy now 




Richard Harvey

Harvey, Richard S. Mapping Messianic Jewish Theology: A Constructive Approach. Milton Keynes: Paternoster Press, 2009. buy now





Harvey, Richard S. But I’m Jewish! A Jew for Jesus Tells his Story. London: Jews for Jesus, 1996. buy now






Chris Wright

Wright, Christopher J. H. The Mission of God: Unlocking the Bible’s Grand Narrative. Downers Grove IL: InterVarsity Press, 2006. buy now





Wright, Christopher J. H. The Mission of God’s People: A Biblical Theology of the Church’s Mission. Grand Rapids MI: Zondervan, 2010. buy now




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Wright, Christopher J. H. The Message of Jeremiah: Grace in the End. Nottingham: InterVarsity Press, 2014. buy now 





Lesley Bilinda

Bilinda, Lesley. The Colour of Darkness: A Personal Story of Tragedy and Hope in Rwanda. London: Hodder & Stougton, 1996. buy now





Bilinda, Lesley. With What Remains: A Woman’s Search for Truth in the Country that Murdered her Husband. London: Hodder & Stoughton, 2006. buy now





Simon Guillebaud

Guillebaud, Simon. More Than Conquerors: A Call to Radical Discipleship. Oxford: Monarch Books, 2009. buy now





Guillebaud, Simon. Bike for Burundi: A Ride Across One Country for the Future of Another. Charleston SC: Four Winds Books, 2012. buy now






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