COVID-19 catalyses change – what does this mean for church & mission?

It is not the first time the church has been in lockdown. What can we learn now? Have we simply moved our services and mission online? This virtual public square has certainly increased exposure and access, with amazing sharing of resources and information. People can pick and choose who they listen to and when they link in. Technology is rapidly opening doors and improving access. Alongside this alarm bells ring. Will there be great competition? What impact will the virtual engagement have? How does this affect mission?

Now is the time for an in-depth discussion, where together we can listen to the global and national church. We can discern and reimagine what church and mission needs to be in the weeks and months to come.

All Nations Christian College invites you to join us as we wrestle with these important questions, seeking God’s guidance to prepare and direct us in the paradigm shift we are entering.

3 webinars

Together with our partners, All Nations is facilitating a series of 3 webinars that will explore the change that is happening, the change that is required, and the way ahead. Our contributors will be tasked with the role of exploring what this all means for church and mission – and daring to reimagine where we need to go. We anticipate robust debate and prophetic insight. This is a critical discussion which we highly recommend you participate in.

All Nations will be collating materials, articles and resource links to enable further research and reflection for all.

Webinar 1: Tuesday 19th May 2020 at 13.00 (1pm) to 14.15 (2:15pm) UK time

Church, mission and nations: in our interconnected world, how do we see church & mission impacted?

Asmelash Berharne
(Release Eritrea)
Experiences from part of the Church locked down for nearly 1,970 years

Jo Frost
(Evangelical Alliance)​
Experience from a church in lockdown for 9 weeks & counting
Roger Sutton
(Movement Day UK)
Experiencing transformation & flourishing throughout

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Webinar 2: Tuesday 26th May 2020 at 13.00 (1pm) to 14.15 (2:15pm) UK time

Church, mission & our world: how do we see the church and its mission impacted globally​?

Jason Mandryk
(Operation World)

Experience from a church remaining in lockdown for over 70 years

Oluwafunmilayo Para-Mallam
(National Institute, Kuru, Nigeria)

What is changing?
How has the crisis impacted inequality, especially with regard to women and children?

Heidi Damon (Tearfund)

What is changing around the world? How has this crisis impacted the poor?

Mark Galpin
(All Nations)

What needs to change & what are the opportunities for change? 

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Click here to watch the bonus material from Webinar 2

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Webinar 3: Tuesday 2nd June 2020 at 13.00 (1pm) to 14.15 (2:15pm) UK time

Reimagining church and mission in the light of Covid-19

Chris Wright
(Langham Partnership)

Reflecting Scripturally on all that is happening

Melba Maggay
(ISACC, Philippines)

Reflecting on the voice of the church before, during & after this crisis

Gavin Calver
(Evangelical Alliance)

Reflecting the impact on evangelism & discipleship

Click here to watch Webinar 3

Click here to watch the bonus material from Webinar 3

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Registration / Participation

Language: The discussions will happen in English and so we invite you to have your own interpreter if needed. All sessions will be recorded and made available online.

Bonus material: After each webinar the contributors will be invited to continue to discuss together in a dialogue which will be recorded and made available.

Resources: For you to read and explore, further resources and articles will be made available.

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Costs: We want to ensure a global accessible platform is enabled, so there will be no charge for registration. COVID-19 has affected income for ministries, so we invite anyone who feels prompted and inspired to support All Nations and our partners to do so.



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