22nd September 2016

The former nursery staff

It is with much regret that All Nations made the decision to close the college nursery in June of this year.

All Nations has been tremendously proud to host and boast the nursery, which staff children have filled it since 1978. Over the years the nursery staff have looked after children from all corners of the world. The staff were skilled in welcoming large numbers of children as each new academic year commenced, as well as embracing new children coming for a short time as their parents joined ‘en-route’ throughout the year.  The team cared for children who spoke different languages and helped them settle in and transition back out again. We cannot imagine that there are many other nurseries whose staff play such an important and unique role as those from the All Nations nursery.

The nursery expanded and opened its doors to accept children living in the local area and many friendships have been made between the staff and parents both locally and globally, this made the prospect of having to close the nursery very tough. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances this difficult decision had to be made. We have taken time to email former families about the news, as we know that it holds such a special place in many people’s hearts.  There are a wide variety of nurseries available in the local area which we hope new families at All Nations will enjoy integrating into.

Finally, thank you to all those who follow us on Facebook and have shared their special comments of thanks and appreciation for the nursery staff who have cared so well for the children; a truly ‘cross-cultural’ nursery which we praise God for.


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