The six exit awards available from the All Nations Masters programme include:

MA in Contemporary Mission Studies

Studying this MA option you explore a deeper understanding of a range of issues within the discipline of Mission Studies - its Biblical, theological, historical, cultural and religious dimensions. Whilst other exit awards concentrate on a specific area and its interaction with mission, as a CMS student you will have the opportunity to select elective modules from all the other subject areas, giving a breadth of knowledge of current thinking, trends and developments in various aspects of global Christianity.

MA in Arts with Mission

Studying this MA option you explore a greater understanding of the arts in a number of cultures; it will look at visual and performing arts (including music) and consider their relationship to the Christian church (especially in worship, music and the field of “ethnodoxology”) and investigate how the arts form part of local cultures and contribute to the formation of cultural identity. The programme will pay particular attention to the impact of global forces on the development of contextual expressions of arts and theologies and the tensions between diversity and unity. It will help you to see how arts research can help appreciate art in local cultures and how you can learn to use arts leadership to develop local arts projects. You will learn the necessary skills to frame aspects of the Christian faith using the arts in a way which will communicate meaningfully to those of other cultures.

MA in Contemporary Islamic Studies

Studying this MA option you explore how to distinguish varied expressions of Islam and to identify and evaluate Christian responses. You will examine the existence and development of different movements within Islam using both theoretical and practical elements and learn to critically evaluate contemporary intra-Islamic debate about Qur’an interpretation and application. You will have opportunities for dialogical engagement with Islamic theology, through study of traditional and contemporary approaches to the interpretation of the Qur’an and you will also compare hermeneutical methodologies with those that have been applied to the Bible in order to evaluate distinctive interests of the respective scriptures and of the interpretive communities.

MA in Development with Mission

Studying this MA option you explore how to connect contemporary integral mission with current development theory, policy and management. This inter-disciplinary study will draw on concepts from political science, sociology, anthropology, economics, development theory and practice, international aid, alongside the theology of contemporary mission. On completion, students would be able to understand the theory, policy and practice of development, and how development management is used as a process of steering social change involving multiple actors and value conflicts. The overall aim is to create a reflective, analytical and practical management response to the causes and effects of poverty.

MA in Leadership with Mission

Studying this MA option you develop a practical management response to the contemporary issues in mission leadership which will link to application in relevant organisational situations. There will be a focus on strategic planning and learning how organisations change and it will help you review leadership issues within a Christian framework and benefit from the resource material available from the study of international business organisations and from Biblical insights. You will examine key aspects of leadership within a cross-cultural context and learn through reflection on practice and experience in cross-cultural leadership situations so that your skills and understanding required for effective cross-cultural leadership will be enhanced.

MTh in Contextual Theology with Mission

Studying the MTh option aims to help you recognise that the growth of the world church and the process of “de-westernisation” of Christianity has made the study of theologies emerging from the “global south” essential for all church and mission leaders. It is recognised that theology produced in Europe and North America is as much a contextually generated theology as much as African, Asian or Latin American theologies. The MTh will explore the historical, social and theological development of contextual theologies and enable critical engagement with the key ideas, debates and application issues. It is particularly suited to those working in non-western contexts of church-planting, theological education and Bible teaching.

Postgraduate Certificate and Diploma Options

If you do not wish to complete the whole MA programme, the Postgraduate Certificate is available as an online option commencing in April, or as a 2 term residential programme commencing in September. It consists of three modules. It will involve reading, participation in seminars and written work; the Postgraduate Diploma involves completing six modules.


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