What Students Say

  • "The day was very insightful! It was an eye-opener to the ways that people worship in different parts of the world and encouraging to see how people were gathered to learn how they can integrate multicultural worship into their local church setting."
  • "I have been opened to a new idea of worship that I wasn’t aware of before. Anyone who wants to see the church grow should do this course."
  • "I found it all exciting, challenging and stimulating and I particularly enjoyed the session on musical aesthetics. I have been opened to a new idea of worship that I wasn’t aware of before."
  • "The course has really made me look forward to my African trip this summer, and hope I get the opportunity to understand more about different styles of music."
  • "It was challenging and exciting to learn how to lead Multicultural worship fro a church setting"
  • "It was a whole new concept I did not know before and exciting to see all the different cultures worshipping"
Jill Ford

Course Tutor

Jill Ford

BA Hons Music/Related Arts, PGCE Music/Drama, Diploma All Nations, MA Education University of London

World Worship Day

Saturday 18th February 2017

Who is the course for?

The World Worship Day is for anyone who would like to explore and understand “heart music.” What is your own heart music and how can you identify it? How can this enable you to draw close to God in worship? How can you understand the heart music of those around you and those of another culture? How can you use this knowledge to help the church you attend move towards new forms of worship, and a new sound that fully expresses the identity of your congregation?

What is the programme?

This course will help answer some of these questions and give you new insights to multicultural forms of worship.

Topics include:

Heart music
Multicultural forms of worship
Global song workshops
Musical ensembles
Global worship discussions
Global worship celebration.

World Worship Week  29th May - 2nd June 2017

Why not take this opportunity to listen as Ian Collinge (Associate Lecturer) and Jill Ford, Arts tutor at All Nations, share about Hope for the future of worship in the UK: 

Key Information

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  • The cost is £55 per person.

  • To download the brochure please click here.

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