What Students Say

  • "I have been able to take stock, work out my specific issues/blocks, and now feel I can look forward to the future."
  • "It's been great to listen to people's stories and learn from each other." Refresh 2015
  • "It was a time to slow down and look back and forward. Also lots of great memories from when I was a student." Sandra, Missionary in India. Refresh 2015

Course Tutor

Bernice Pannell

BA Theology & Counselling 2005, (Brunel), PGCE 1987 (Birmingham), BSc Biological Sciences (Hons.) 1986 (Birmingham)

Refresh for Mission

Review, Recharge and Refresh for re-entry and future mission service.

The challenge to 'stay' in mission is a battle that many face. 'Refresh for Mission' provides input, insight and support to many who are looking for some space and time to review, recharge and 'refresh' for future mission service.

Who is the course for?

This course is for those who are currently in cross-cultural service and are seeking refreshment, or those re-entering their home cultures at the end of an assignment. 

What is the programme?

The programme is principally an opportunity to be spiritually and emotionally refreshed, and secondly to prepare for cross-cultural service abroad or at home. The programme is flexible so that you can do as much or as little as you choose. There is the possibility to take an optional guided retreat from Friday afternoon before the programme starts on the following Monday.

The programme will include:

Optional Guided Retreat: a time to slow down, reflect and prepare for the main Refresh week.

Spiritual Life: times of worship, reflection and Bible teaching.

Pastoral Care: the opportunity to talk and pray through pastoral concerns.

Re-entry Issues: understanding transition and gaining skills to handle re-entry into home cultures.

Example topics include:

  • Handling transition
  • Adapting to being "home"
  • Reconciliation
  • Dealing with evil spirits
  • Preparing to return to the field

Speakers usually include:

Gordon and Christine Molyneux former All Nations lecturers, recently retired from SIM and with a wealth of experience in Africa. 

Anny Woodhams an Argentine missionary in the UK with a wealth of experience in pastoral care and running retreats.

Lesley Bilinda a former lecturer at All Nations, who has worked alongside Archbishop Desmund Tutu in conflict mediation, and is now a minister in the Church of England.

Martin and Elizabeth Goldsmith associate All Nations lecturers who have worked with OMF for many years.

Dr Debbie Hawker a member of Interhealth's Psychological Health Services team, and executive commitee of the Global Member Care Network. 

All guest speakers, along with All Nations staff will be announced nearer the time.

Key Information

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  • New brochure coming soon.

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