The practical hands-on element is an important aspect of our holistic training ethos here at All Nations. The modules below help students to gain valuable and relevant ministry experience which greatly supplements the classroom learning.


Ministry Placements

All undergraduate students studying at All Nations for 1 year or more are required to gain experience through a weekly Practical Ministry Placement.

As part of the 1 or 2 year programmes and the BA programme you are offered a CHURCH or a PROJECT placement. All students will be expected to produce a reflective report based on their placement in order to gain credit for the module. The details will be fully explained during Orientation at the beginning of term, the notes below will give you some ideas to consider before September. For more information about this module click here.

Church Placements:
If you request a church placement you will be expected to attend that church most of the twenty-nine Sundays in the College year. You will work with the church to draw up some clear learning objectives which the church supervisor will monitor.

Project Placements:
You have the opportunity of joining a project team to help you identify further training or ministry experiences which you feel may be helpful to you in the future. These projects are primarily led by students; most of them are ‘mission’ focused and you will be expected to explore and create new opportunities for your project.

Projects are not practical courses giving training and teaching, but they give you opportunities to serve churches and communities as you develop and enhance gifts, knowledge or expertise you already have but maybe have not had a chance to use. They also give you a ‘taster’ of how such a project could be organised and run.


Ministry Internships

All students on the ANCC Diploma, OU-validated Dip (HE) and BA (Hons) programme are required to do a Ministry Internship or apply for RPEL either in their first or second year of studies. Successful completion of the placement/RPEL is required as part of the development and ministry skills module. For more information about this module click here.

Ministry Internship provides an exciting opportunity for students to complete a minimum of three weeks of practical ministry experience, either overseas or in a cross-cultural environment in the UK.

The Ministry Placement administrator is equipped to help and guide students through the organisation of arranging their Block Placements, and will facilitate this process with students.

It is important to note here that all those taking Level 5 studies, i.e. those on either of the diploma programmes or the degree programme, are required to do a minimum 3-week Ministry Internship, which is solely funded by the student.

Internships have a degree of flexibility, but must be taken in-between term times.

RPEL- Recognised Prior Experiential Learning may be taken instead of completing a Ministry Internship. RPEL allows students who have had a minimum of six months cross-cultural experience (within the five year period before coming to college) can apply to have the experienced recognised as fulfilling the ministry internship requirements.

To provide students with further opportunity to learn and acquire knowledge through supervised work experience of a continuous rather than an intermittent nature, in a Church or Christian agency normally in a different culture to their own.

To enable students to develop a range of professional ministry skills through critical reflection, observing other organisations and projects and receiving feedback from their supervised participation.

Modular credit:
Completion of a Ministry Internship, along with a written report or APEL, is part of the requirement for the Personal and Spiritual Formation module at Level 5.


Practical Short Courses

All undergraduate students studying at All Nations for 1 year or more are required to select and complete two Practical short courses of their choice to complete per year of study. We offer a wide range of practical courses to choose from, each running for a total of 5hrs, spread over two afternoons in one term.


General Church Attendance

All Certificate, Diploma and BA students are assigned to a church for Sunday worship. MA and en route students may also be placed at a church if they wish. For more information about church attendance click here.


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