What Students Say

  • "It was so refreshing to have a course of this type that used a holistic approach with a lot of biblical basis and not just a secular approach."
  • "The course has a helpful balance of key theoretical input, pair work, table group and whole group input. I thought the use of shared learning through flip-chart feedback and personal application reflection caters well to differentiated learning styles."
  • "[It was] helpful to discuss approaches and experience with others and to realise that there is huge variance in what people do and are accustomed to. I particularly liked the examination of risk in the Bible [and the course ] was good in relieving any pressure about staying or going."
  • "Learning the tools and process was great but also meeting experienced and interesting people (inc the tutors!) and hearing some of their stories and wisdom was very valuable too."
  • “I was tremendously challenged to re-evaluate my risk management and mitigation plan in light of the Word.” - Latin American Pastor serving in Eurasia
  • “I am a very hands-on guy and I love how you guys break down the training into very usable and understandable segments followed by putting all the pieces together and having us practice it.” - Global Servant working in Central Asia
  • "This is the first training like this I've taken that took a holistic view and was manageable to actually accomplish. I've actually enjoyed getting to work with my husband on our plans since the training" - Global Servant working in North Africa

'Be equipped to live through it, lead in it and debrief after it.'


RAM risk assessment and management

This course is facilitated by Emma Dipper & Ian Orton from Operation Mobilisation. The course is designed by Anna & Neal Hampton, who crafted this dynamic course based on their experience in war-torn countries & experience in Risk Assessment & Management.

Facing Danger

What is the programme?

The ‘Facing Danger’ course is for people who are planning to go or are serving in high-risk environments; people leading a team who might face danger or unrest; and people sending out individuals/teams into potentially challenging settings. Develop your skills in Risk Assessment and Management (RAM) based on a theology of risk.

The 'Facing Danger' course consists of two days of RAM training with an optional retreat day before the course.

What is RAM?

RAM addresses the challenges of the emotional, psychological, relational and spiritual preparation that all staff need. This is the sort of training that could save lives, and will certainly build resilience. 

How is RAM different from other training?

RAM addresses the challenges of the emotional, psychological, relational and spiritual preparation that all staff need. In fact, RAM is designed for field staff, not just specialised security personnel. This training addresses the critical skill of decision making in or during risk.

You will learn how to analyse risk in uncertainty, and how to address increasing anxiety and understand your predictable responses in risk.
Unlike industry-standard training, this training will equip you to respond holistically to risk for yourself, your family and people 'back home’.

We recommend that you read ‘Facing Danger’ by Anna Hampton. Books will be on sale at lower cost during the Facing Danger course.

What will RAM training teach me?

During the training you will learn:

  • Six ways of discovering God's voice in crisis
  • Two easy tools to determine which risks need more forethought and which to let go of
  • Four general ways to choose from when managing risk
  • Knowledge about the difference between a theology of risk and a theology of suffering
  • Awareness of the 14 myths in risk, and Biblical truths to counter those myths
  • An understanding of six dangerous attitudes in risk

What skills will I acquire from RAM?

You will acquire a range of skills:

  • Three scalable tools to make risk assessment more manageable and effective
  • 14 myths which may be negatively impacting your processing of risk
  • A Bible-based perspective on risk to help you when hearing God's voice for your direction in risk events
  • Four ways to mitigate the effects of risk
  • Five essential leadership skills during risk

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Key Information

  • Cost
  • How to Apply
  • Dates
  • 2020 Cost
    Facing Danger Course only:
    £250 per participant*

    Facing Danger course and retreat:  £325 per participant*


    Facing Danger Course only: TBD

    Facing Danger course and retreat: TBD

    *The cost includes fee, board and lodging. The full amount must be paid in full on submission of your online application form.


  • 2021 registration is opening soon

    On the successful submission of your application you will be taken to the College's on-line payment portal where you will be required to pay the course cost in full.

  • Facing Danger Course 2020 - CANCELLED

    2021 Dates- TBD

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