What Students Say

  • "A very intensive and fulfilling week that was packed with solid teaching and activities, not just knowledge in the head, but also through actual participation that completely changes my view of mission. It has met my expectation of “to understand more about mission and to prepare myself to step into mission.” This course will give you a better understanding of mission and God, and yourself."
  • "It really helped me a to have a more holistic understanding about “mission”. There were many aspects I hadn’t thought of before I took the course, e.g. transition and culture shock. I would recommend Engage Asia to others because it is the only course I have taken so far which can give you a holistic understanding on “mission” and “cross culture”. It not only covers biblical knowledge but also includes real life sharing from missionaries, as well as the more practical issues. We also gained first-hand information about needs of the countries we seldom prayed for in the past."
  • "I was very privileged to be part of this very informative and practical course. Being able to interact with missionaries, other religious leaders (on the day we visited other religious place of worship), as well as fellow students from around the globe who are ready or have been involved in cross cultural work is a very rare opportunity. I was most touched by the sharing of people we met online in our world prayer sessions, it has opened up my horizon regarding situations in other parts of the world and the immediate needs of their situations."

Dare to go against the current, Live out your faith, Step into mission

We live in an age of migration, globalisation and multiculturalism. Therefore, cross-cultural mission is no longer limited to the traditional concept of sending someone to places in a remote corner of the world to share the gospel.

God is creating a mighty wave for cross-cultural mission from “everywhere to everywhere”. Chinese Christians are presented with unprecedented opportunities to join in God’s work. But we need to start with training and preparation, to develop greater cross-cultural awareness, and to cultivate a missional DNA. It’s time that we pray for the motivation  to move out of our comfort zone.  May God reveal to us things our eyes have not seen, our ears have not heard, and  our hearts have not  thought  about.

This course will be jointly taught and facilitated by associates and staff of All Nations Christian College and Chinese Overseas Christian Mission, and as such, sessions will be taught in both English and Mandarin.

Engage Asia 3: Online Special course

What is it?

Engage Asia 3: Online Special is an intensive online course offered through the partnership of All Nations Christian College (ANCC) and Chinese Overseas Christian Mission (COCM). It aims to provide a comprehensive overview of topics related to the understanding and practice of mission in different cultures and contexts.

The course topics are built around three key questions:
1. What is Mission?
2. Why get involved in Cross-Cultural Mission?
3. How can I work with those from other cultural backgrounds?

Four cross-cutting themes also run  across the course:
1. Biblical Foundations for Mission
2. Increased Cultural Awareness
3. Development of People Skills
4. Dealing with Practical Issues

Who is it for?

  • If you are a Mandarin speaking Chinese Christian interested in getting involved in cross-cultural mission.
  • If you want to learn more about mission and how to mobilise mission in your local church.
  • If you are about to embark on a short-term mission trip but have little training or experience working with people different from you.
  • If you want to learn how to train others for mission

What does it Cost?
£198 per person

Where will it be?
This September, Engage Asia III will take place as an online course. The course will be hosted using Zoom video conferencing technology - an area which we have excelled in for numerous years by facilitating our MA course online, and various other online short courses. Instructions will be issued once you have been accepted onto the course. For general enquirers regarding the online consept of Engage Asia 3, please contact us on engageasia.ac@gmail.com

Application End Date: 24th September

The sessions will be taught in English and Mandarin.

Where sessions are taught in English, translation into Mandarin will be made available.

Engage Asia 3 Flyer (English)                                Engage Asia 3 Flyer (Chinese)                                                 

Key Information

  • Cost
  • Details
  • Cost: £198

  • The sessions will be taught in English and Mandarin. Where sessions are taught in English, translation into Mandarin will be made available.

    Contact: engageasia.ac@gmail.com

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