What Students Say

  • “Now I understand why God has led me to attend this course. It's more than just developing my prayer muscles; it's about knowing His heart, so I can be standing in the gap for those who are not able to cry out to God for themselves. I desire that God will fill my heart with more of His love, so that intercession will flow forth naturally. I've been blessed!“
  • “I thank God for opening the door for me to receive His loving grace through the depths of teaching and the 'giving of self' by all leaders and speakers. I have been greatly blessed through understanding the vast difference between love and duty when praying for people I have never met.”
  • "One thing I have really appreciated on this course is the emphasis on listening to God in prayer. I find it can be so easy to jump straight into praying for people or situations, and not take time to slow down and ask God to reveal his heart and his perspective on the things I am praying for.”

Dates for 2021 TBD

Course Tutor

Lynn Yee

BA (Film & Television Production), Australia; MA (Christian Formation & Discipleship), University of the Nations, Switzerland. Lynn originally hails from Singapore...

Community of Prayer for the Nations

Do you want to grow in your prayer life and learn to partner with God in what He is doing in the nations through prayer?  Would you like to be better equipped to respond to world events, and engage in intercessory prayer to see God's Kingdom established “on earth as it is in heaven”?  Come be part of an online learning community for 2 weeks as we explore various ways to engage Scripture in prayer, grow in understanding of intercession as a spiritual practice, and experience prayer from different traditions.

The CPN is a 2-week online course run via Zoom where participants will engage in corporate worship and intercession, group discussions, online lectures and various prayer practices.  Hours of engagement include a 2-hour session in the mornings (9am – 11am), followed by another 1 to 2 hour session in the afternoons (3pm – 5pm).  There may be assignments and activities to engage with on your personal time in order to maximise the learning experience.

Some topics covered and dates open for day visitors are as follows:

  • The Character and Ways of God in Intercession (16th June)
  • Biblical Basis for Intercession (17th June)
  • Listening to God in Corporate Intercession (18th June)
  • Contemplation and Intercession (19th June)
  • Engaging the Word and Spirit (22nd June)
  • Praying the News (23rd June)
  • Worship, Intercession and Spiritual Warfare (24th June)
  • Prayer Walking Your Community (25th June)

We have room for 15 full-time participants and several spaces for day visitors on each day.  

Registration closes on 11th June, as spaces are filling up!

Key Information

  • Cost
  • There is no fixed charge for this course, but we ask for your committed and active participation in the full schedule over the 2 weeks. 

    An offering will be taken up at the end of the course to cover online costs and to honour our guest speakers. 

    For day visitors who are not able to commit to attending the full course, but wish to join in for a particular topic, we ask for your full participation in the course schedule for that day and a suggested donation of £10 to secure your place.

    Once you have entered the donation page using 'Donate Now' button below please click 'General Funds' on the first scroll down menu, and click 'CPN' on the second scroll down menu. 

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