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Course Tutor

Simon Caudwell

Lecturer in Leadership, MA, BSc. (Hons)

Collaborative Leadership in a Complex World

11 - 15 July 2022

Intensive Online, Mon-Fri, 9am-2pm

Considering leadership as “finding the way” and not merely about “being in charge”, we look at why leadership is not “just one thing”, but that (as with theology) it is always contextual.  For this reason, we do not expect to find a single “Biblical” model of leadership, but building up leadership ideas from first principles we see how…:


In a highly complex interconnected world, we believe there is still a role for a leader, but it’s not the role people might expect.  Leaders can no longer play the Hero – they can’t know everything or provide all the answers.  Instead, in a post-heroic world, we need collaboration.


Diversity is in our All Nations DNA.  We explore how collective approaches to leadership mean welcoming to the table a diverse range of people, each bringing their own vital perspectives.  We seek to reduce the distance between leader and follower, and also expect to see women as well as men; young as well as old; and people from all cultures and backgrounds, making sense of the world together.


Leaders cannot predict or control the future.  Most plans don’t work out, because “stuff just happens”.  We therefore take a close look at emergent change and look at leadership as a process involving living, listening conversations. In these evolving exchanges we can share hopes and dreams, shape ideas, and end up expressing passionate commitment to a shared purpose.  And if that purpose happens to be inspired by God, then we can also expect “leading” to involve being led, as we learn how to listen not only to each other but also to His voice.


Jesus makes the startling claim to his disciples that all authority in heaven and on earth has been given to Him!  We clearly need to take a look at discernment and explore how, as well as listening to each other, we might hope to be led by Christ.

This online course is delivered intensively over 5 days, with 4 hours of stimulating interaction with tutors and fellow students each day, and a small amount of thought- provoking reading (and watching) to do between the sessions. If you’re on a leadership journey, come and join the conversation!

Those accessing Advanced Short Courses will be provided with relevant reading materials and other information to enable their full participation in the course.

ASC participants are not required to complete an assignment and will receive a certificate of participation on completion of the course.

Library Resources

All Nations has one of the finest mission libraries in the country with over 50,000 volumes as well as a wide range of journals and audio-visual material. Free Wi-Fi is available in all the buildings.

For those studying virtually, readings are supplied by college online and any additional reading you would like from our library catalogue may be accessed by emailing our librarian.

Key Information

  • Tuition Fee
  • 5 day intensive tuition fee (online): £550*

    NB This is for tuition time only.

    *Your £50 non-returnable registration fee (payable on application), will be deducted from this amount.

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