What Students Say

  • “I enjoyed the discussions in class, the small class size meant that we could focus on issues that were important to each student. I benefited from hearing about the different issues that churches face and the ways that they respond in different contexts and cultures. This will help me as a church-planter and leader as we try to engage with our context and respond to both local and global issues”
  • "... has been challenging, thought provoking, and thoroughly enjoyable. I have been on an amazing journey of discovery and I feel like it’s just the beginning. The church in the majority world has taught me so much about church in my local context, and the access that I have been given to theologians and practitioners outside of the West has been a wonderful gift. I would highly recommend to anyone who is serious about God’s church in God’s world and how it tells God’s story through everything it does."

Advanced Short Courses

Course Tutor

Rev. Dr Sue Barclay

BA (Hons) Biblical & Intercultural Studies, All Nations Christian College; MA in Aspects of Biblical Interpretation, London School of Theology; PhD in Contextual Theology, Luther King House, Manchester.

Church Re-imagined for a Global Age

9 January - 20 March, 2021
MODULAR - Mondays 2:00 - 4:00pm

In the current globalised age, ecclesiological thinking and practice from one region of the world has the potential to influence local ecclesiologies in contexts vastly different from those in which they originated.

This course analyses how current flows of global influence are interacting with local cultural contexts, reshaping both church and society.  It seeks to equip students to undertake in-depth analyses of how theology, context and global forces shape ecclesiology; to understand the influence of church form on mission practice and priorities; and to think strategically in developing appropriate church models and structures in a multiplicity of global contexts.  

The course is aimed at those involved in church-based ministry, including those engaged in church planting, evangelism, and theological and mission training in a variety of contexts globally.

Those accessing Advanced Short Courses will be provided with relevant reading materials and other information to enable their full participation in the course.

ASC participants are not required to complete an assignment and will receive a certificate of participation on completion of the course.

Key Information

  • Tuition Fee
  • Forum course tuition fee (online only): £550

    NB This is for tuition time only.

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