Background to Easneye

Easneye House was built in the 1870’s and was designed by the famous architect Alfred Waterhouse. The building was then passed on in Lady Hannah Buxton’s legacy in order for it to continue to be a fountain of blessing to the world.

“That this may ever be inhabited by faithful servents of God and through Christ Jesus, and that this may ever be... a fountain of blessing in the Church and in the World.”

Since then the building functions have grown and varied as it has become a residential college where staff lecture, students live and study and conferences are held.

How your gift can help

All Nations is becoming more and more busy with students, conferences, meetings and events. While this is great news it does also mean that we need to upgrade our facilities, meeting spaces, and accommodation. Your gift to this fund will help us to develop the college site so that it is truly fit for purpose as a hub for mission training and conferencing.

Please reference: Building Development Fund


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