What's it like to volunteer at All Nations?

Volunteers at All Nations receive the opportunity to work in a wide range of areas including housekeeping, kitchen, premises and I.T. Our volunteers develop a multitude of skills and grow in confidence as they play an important part in the day to day running of the college. Our volunteers are highly valued and appreciated and become a very important part of the All Nations community.


Here's what some of our volunteers had to say:

As a volunteer at All Nations, you can work in a wide range of areas, including housekeeping, kitchen, IT or premises, whatever works best for you. Having the opportunity to work in all of these departments, you develop a multitude of skills and get to know yourself better. The staff members are all really patient and supportive, which allowed us to learn from our mistakes and feel very appreciated.


                                       “I will never forget my time at All Nations. I had a blast being here, making new friends and learning a lot about myself, my abilities and my relationship to GOD.”

- Rebecca -


Being at All Nations helped us strengthen our character and deal with different challenging situations, which let us grow in confidence, sense of responsibility and maturity.


“All Nations has become a really important place and memory. A caring community and lovely people made my time here
unforgettable and enjoyable. It helped me learn more about myself aswell as my personaI relationship with Jesus. I´ll never forget the people I met and the experiences I made.” - Paul -


Living in such a loving and caring community, made us feel safe to share and pray together. And it was great to get to know people from all over the world.


“I loved being at All Nations. It was a fantastic time and I would do it again if I could. I will miss the people and the Volleyball matches we played during the third term.”

- Jonathan -


"We will never forget the time we have had at All Nations and will always be grateful to God for the amazing opportunity to be a part of All Nations. And we can definitely recommend a gap year at All Nations!"

- WEC Volunteers 2016 -



If you are from Germany and would like to volunteer through WEC click here.
There is also an PDF from WEC with more information about volunteering at All Nations available here.

Otherwise you can contact us directly here.


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