Arts for a Better Future

The aim is for you to be able help local communities draw on their artistic resources to help them respond to their spiritual, social and physical needs and help them move towards the kingdom of God.

This course will run at All Nations on the 10th - 15th July 2016.

What is the Programme?

The programme will lead you through a seven stage process of researching and creating local arts with a community. The flexible process is designed so that you can help others draw on their own artistic resources and plan for a future more like God’s kingdom. We will give you a chance to immediately apply what you’ve learned. There will also be opportunities to learn about further study and networks in the arts and mission.

Training Content:
  • Arts with God
  • Community Arts
  • Arts and the Kingdom of God
  • Exploring and Researching Artistic Events
  • Understanding Artistic Genres in Cultural Contexts
  • Relating Artistically to the Church and its Cultural Context
  • Integrating and Celebrating Artistic Community Events
  • Extending Your Skills for Cross-Cultural Arts Ministry.

Course Tutors

Jill Ford is the tutor in the arts at All Nations and host for this summer school. Over the last ten years Jill has designed, delivered and integrated the arts modules in to the All Nations training programme. Jill has a passion to promote the arts in mission and has been working in partnership with Robin, Brian and Ian for a number of years.

Dr Robin Harris is President of The International Council of Ethnodoxologists( ICE) and Coordinator of the MA in World Arts at the Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics in Dallas, Texas. She has served for decades in cross-cultural contexts, including 10 years in Russia, and is currently an Arts Consultant for SIL International.

Dr Brian Schrag serves as head of SIL International’s Ethnomusicology and Arts Group. He worked as an arts consultant in DR Congo and Cameroon, and founded the World Arts program at the Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics (Dallas). He is the author of Creating Local Arts Together: A Manual to Help Communities Reach their Kingdom Goals (WCL, 2013). Brian loves to make people laugh, sing, and imagine heaven.

Tom Ferguson has served as an Ethno- Arts and Orality Trainer-Coach (with a faith-based NGO) since 1994. He and his wife Tina have worked in Africa and Asia, equipping local believers and expatriate workers in the use of creative arts and oral communication strategies. Tom is certified by the International Council of Ethnodoxologists as an Arts Training Specialist and is a charter member of ICE.