What is a quiet day?

“Quiet day” is one of the idiosyncrasies of allnations that, although not unique, is an important, even essential part of our life here. Once a term, we have a full day–running from Tuesday evening until a Wednesday evening–where we stop. There are no classes, no chores, maintenance. In fact, the only people working are somebody covering reception and the nursery staff.

This is a day for reflection and prayer, reading and meditation. We have found that God speaks to us on these special days.

I Kings 19 tells of Elijah’s experience of the LORD. The LORD was not in the earthquake, storm or fire: He was in a small, barely audible whisper. It is only when the noise of life stops can we hear this voice. It is only when we stop to listen carefully will we hear that voice.

What will God be saying to us on this quiet day? Are you willing to stop to listen to Him?

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